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Types of Bull s in Cuckolding. What Type of Bull are you? Bulls in cuckold relationship categorized by the way of encounter and relationship. Not all bulls were created equal. There are many different types of bulls in your Cuckold marriage that serve different purposes. For example, some may be regular play partners, while others may be more of a one-night stand. If you want a great long-term cuckold relationship with your partner, one of the key things you need to accomplish is finding the right bulls.

If you think about it, finding a bull is kind of like finding a third partner in your relationship. Instead, he will likely be there primarily for dates and sex — so it is still important to find someone with great chemistry with your wife and who is also safe. And later I will them by their relationship and effect with the cuckold couple. Now obviously having a good regular bull is the ideal scenario. I mean just imagine you are at dinner with your wife and you eye a handsome devil checking her out.

She invites him over and strikes up a conversation. So, where do you find one-night stands? Or maybe you are at a football game and some guy starts hitting on her. So, how do you increase your chances of helping your wife find a one-night stand?

Well, usually if you go to a singles night at a bar or if you keep an eye out of your surroundings and find someone checking her out, you can find someone. Also, in my experience, sports games are also a great place to find someone because the guys are super horny. But just be careful since everyone is usually boozed up for those events. One of the best places to find bulls is online. However, it is also a ripe playground to find great partners.

The third type of bull and quite possibly the most fun is the vacation bull. These are bulls in different cities that you can see when you are visiting. That is the perfect spot to pick out a new bull. If you travel a lot for work or vacation , it would be ideal to have a bull in every city that you visit! Now obviously that is something pretty hard to do, but that would definitely be the dream! As it is obvious from its name this is the ex-boyfriend of the wife or girlfriend.

Because of the fantasy world and ease of access, it may consider a good and easy choice but it is not recommended. In many stories and captions even on our website, you may find it as a fantasy but in reality, managing the dynamics of the relationship with the old feelings from past relationships is extremely difficult unless you want to turn him into a Bullfriend or polygamy that I will explain later. Ex-boyfriends are best to check the fantasy among yourself before you start. This is someone who lives in the same city as you or at least who visits a lot so she can see him frequently.

He and your wife should have undeniable chemistry and not just in the bedroom. You could find just about a thousand other men in your city to doing that. But he needs to be someone you can trust, who has chemistry with both of you, and who is discreet as well. Now, obviously, that is easier said than done. But ideally, this bull is good, looking, well hung, and will be available to fuck your wife and take her out on short notice. He may have stumbled into the swingers or Hotwifing scene unwittingly through friends or by simply listing himself as looking for couples on adult dating websites.

The Accidental Bull most likely has had no prior experience with multi-partner sex, and if he has, it was most likely a drunken episode with his housemates. Many however will retreat back to vanilla sex. Some will evolve into a Pseudo Bull or beyond. As you may guess all one-night stand, online bulls and vacation bulls can be categorized as accidental bulls. This is the Bull who has played with enough couples and Hotwives to know that he enjoys mixing it up. He still prefers one-on-one hookups with single women but will happily put his hand up if a couple wants some MFM action.

Sometimes he will specifically seek out a couple when he wants more than a scoop of vanilla. However, the Psuedo Bull is most likely to pull out of a threesome date if a booty call from a solo sexy babe distracts him. In turn, the Pseudo Bull is himself best suited as a booty call. He is mostly a Bull on a whim. In my book, this is the perfect Bull. Easy-going and open-minded, the Adaptable Bull is experienced enough to know how Hotwifing works. Also, he is mindful of the Stag and respectful towards him. He secretly enjoys the alone time he gets with her and almost only agrees to any threesome action with the Stag just to fuck her.

Eventually, this Bull will progress to only seeing a Hotwife if she can play on her own and may even refuse to participate in gangbangs or threesomes. He wants to be the only cock. Often, he is easily the only dick. If you really only want a Bull for his cock and ability to use it, then the Hardcore Bull is perfect. He is polite at best, and often indifferent to you as a person outside of the bedroom. This Bull has been integrated into the Hotwifing dynamic on a deeper level.

He is pretty much like a boyfriend for the Hotwife, going on dates and even shopping excursions together. This Bull may even travel with a couple for wild holidays. This is great if the Stag actually prefers outsourcing not only the sexual needs of his partner but also her emotional ones. This kind of bull is a fully dominant alpha male who is not satisfied with only dominating the wife but he seeks to dominate the cuckold as well.

This is only possible if the main partner is a beta cuckold and not a stag. Usually, the beta cuckold is willingly surrendering or enjoys the dominance of the bull. He basically starts dominating their sexual life. Decides when and where he wants to have sex with the hotwife. For a beta cuckold, this can be really enjoyable. It can start with Humiliation such cum Cleanup Duty , conditioning him, and even denial.

These denial acts can continue with Chastity Cage Cock-Cage or instructing the hotwife to dominate him as well for Femdom acts or force feminization. The hotwife in this scenario is also got fully dominated and the bull may share her with his friends for individual or group sex.

This is a kind of dominant bull who is interested in bisexual sexual acts such as asking the cuckold to suck his cock before penetrating the hotwife or cleaning his cock after his ejaculation. These all possible if the cuckold is a Bi-Cuckold. He may be interested also in feminizing the cuckold. In this way, the Sissy Cuckold is no threat to him.

If the sissy cuckold has a bisexual tendency as well then he may want to enjoy his ass with an anal penetration. The Boyfriend Bull may even sick a more advanced type of relationship with hotwife. This could be dangerous especially if it is not talked through well. This type of bull is not just another bull anymore.

He has an actual relationship. It is sort of polygamy that all three are aware of it. The husband or main partner can be a passive role and be dominated by the bull or they can be both equal stags towards the hotwife. This kind of relationship can be advanced with pregnancy either as a fetish or real life polygamy pregnancy. In either case we recommend you both know the all risk involved in this kind of relationship and should not move with just the sake of fantasy.

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