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Forgot your password? Just ed but wanting to chat trade video chat I'm a twisted fucker not many limits at all ukfilth on wickr. We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. You can adjust your cookie settings , otherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue.

Existing user? in with Twitter. Followers 0. Wickr perv gay couple By Couple4fun , March 22, in London Metro Area gay perv pervs pervert couple couples young twinks. Recommended Posts. Couple4fun Posted March 22, Posted March 22, Wickr- couple4fun real chat, video and trade only. Lots of home made stuff here. Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options Uktwisted Posted April 10, Posted April 10, Go to topic listing.

Similar Content. Hello, friendly older chubby from Hamburg looking for active pozboys, aidsfucker or any other, toxic lo, bugchaser, any deseases and infections are very welcome, beginners and foreigners any races and nations also welcome, for travellers, visitors and tourists bed and breakfest is possible, i can host, asians latino and blacks would be great but everybody is welcome with any std's pls. It was a warm sunny day and Damian was hanging around in the park.

Damian is a hot looking lean muscular skaterboy that just turn 18 last month. At school he had enough girls hanging around him and he fooled around with several of them, but it never resulted in sex. Damian had a good view on the basketball court where 2 hot muscular black guys shooting hoops. They are only wearing sneakers and shorts so Damian has a perfect view on the sweating glistening on their body. Both are hot but one of them get Damian attention; a young stallion around 23 , firm jaw line, and a lean but muscular body. The stallions shorts hang low around his waist so Damian can see the perfect V-lines and not a sixpack but an eightpack.

Without realising Damian begins to massage his crotch and start to daydream. He look right at the man of his dreams standing in front of him. Damian was confused but the horny feeling and his curiosity was strong. He followed the hot black guy out of the park and to a warehouse. He rang the bell and a guy opened the door.

Liam nodded and went inside and without hesitating Damian followed. Damian starts blushing. I will explain everything. Then he drops his shorts and Damian looks with amazement at the semi-hard huge cock dangling between his legs. Damian excitement start to grow again and he starts to take of his cloths. Both of them jumped under a shower and the warm water starts flowing over their bodies. Damian begins to feel a bit lightheaded and drowsy. Liam sees this and grabs the boy and holds him in his strong muscular arms. Damian replies with a small moan.

Liam then calls for some help and a young guy walks inside with a hose and a bucket. Damian shrieks in pain. Then the young guy opens the tap and Damians ass begins to fill up with water. After half a minute the young guy pulls out the hose. He repeats this several times until the water that comes out is clear. Then the young guy gets out a big syringe without a needle filled with a special mixture and shoots the contents deep in Damians ass. Damian moans that his ass starts to burn.

After both are dried off he le Damian into a new room with a big bed in a middle and several slings and fuckbenches surrounding it. There are at least 8 twinks occupying several slings and benches whilst being used by a muscular guy. Damian sees that these guys are either black or latino, whilst all twinks are white. Liam puts Damian in the middle of the room on the bed. Damian begins to feel warm and he mind begin to rage.

The sounds of fucking and moaning start to fuck with his brain. He begins to feel more hornier than he ever felt before and he lets himself fall back on the bed. His ass starts to twitch and itch uncontrollably.

He pulls up one leg to try and reach it with his hand. He rams two fingers inside and begins to massage his ass to relief the feeling. Damian twists and turnes in all manners to try to add another finger but without succes. Damian nodded fierce. Liam puts the boys legs on his shoulders and moves into place behind the boy. He then moves his upper body forward and on top of Damian. His body weight is pinning the boy down. Then Damian feels something big and slippery poking his asshole.

The T that Damian got in his ass in the shower begins to take over his mind, but the words that this hung stallion said also strike fear inside this virgin. Damian begins to struggle and tries to wiggle out from under Liam. Without effect. Liam starts laughing because this is exactly what he wants because he gets turned on when boys try to resist. Slowly his cock starts filling up with blood and the growing cock begins to push against the boys virgin hole. Damian feels his ass getting stretched more and begins moaning and pleading Liam to stop! This turns on Liam more and he starts oozing pre-cum whilst his cock grows bigger and harder.

The stress on the Damians ass gets bigger and bigger until it gives way. The boy cries out as the 13 inch cock begins to move deeper inside. After 5 minute and 10 inches Liam feels a new obstruction; the secondary internal sphincter. Damian screams out in pain and begins to spasme uncontrollably. The both sphincters contract sending Liam over the edge and with a loud grunt he starts to unload his first batch of cum deep inside the boy. When Damian starts to relax again Liam begins fucking the boys ass, picking up the pace with each stroke.

Damian moans load while getting his ass fucked non-stop. After 45 minutes and 4 lo Liam pulls out leaving an wide open hole that starts oozing cum. Random stranger from BBRT. APRIL 14th Hooked up with a new dude, random stranger on BBRT, said he was a poz dude all into the 'piggy things' and I was still spun and very horny from earlier that day being a total whore with my bestie.

He blows clouds all day long and then gets freaked out, probably after slamming himself, but that just speculation. He always says to me: "Quit being a a Nancy! No more for me! Bottom-line: IT was a great fuck day, spun out of my mind, not slammed though! We spent that way the whole earlier part of the day, me taking his neverending lo and poundings without lube and hesitation.

He always says it psychological he is nuts though and one day my 'tolerance' would allow me to 'break through' Well, not sure what I expected; it was a bit of a let-down seeing the average-looking stranger with a bit too much flab and kinda living in a 'starter-kit' hoarder sort-of-way.

Nice dick though, cut, rugged and leathery, no novice part-time fucker. And he liked what I was working with: pierced dick, nipples and ears, and MUCH leaner and smoother than him! And the contrast turns me on! Next thing I know he is breeding me using all sort of hardcore poz-talk, about You need to become an aggressive pozzer!

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