How to make a flogging whip

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There are many flogger des out there. I made this one by using a variety of whipmaking techniques. We start by cutting our cord. I cut 6 cords of the same length for the body and the falls the cords made for hitting. These will be folded in half over the steel ring, meaning that the actual length needs to be double the final length of the flogger. Wrap the handle portion of the flogger. You can use electric tape or sinew , I use the inner strands of paracord. I used the constrictor knot to start and finish the wrap. The tighter the wrap, the rounder and firmer it will be.

Handle after being wrapped with an inner strand. In fact, several strands were used for the entire length. Starting with a constrictor knot, as well as finishing. Before running out completely, I added a new one strand, and still used the one to wrap over the new one. The next step is plaiting over the core made by wrapping it. Whichever you choose, start at the bottom of the handle.

The secret to a nice looking plait is the tightening process. The tightening should start the moment you start moving your cord, so it should be under tension almost the entire time. Shawn Evans was kind enough to remind me that rolling the plait after it is done, be it between two boards or just by placing it on the ground and rolling it with your foot will let the braid sit even nicer.

To secure the top of the braid at the top of the handle , another wrap is made the same way we used for the core. The wrap at the top is then covered with a decorative knot. You can also see that I have cut the cords used for the braid. You can easily cut more of the ends, hide them under the knot or just let them fall to have even more ends to strike with. I also covered the start of the plait at the bottom by using a spanish ring knot. Waxing the flogger, especially the handle should be considered whips are often dipped in wax- careful not to have the wax too hot though when dipping, or you will ruin the cord.

The video walkthrough may come in handy as well:. With that, the flogger is complete. Thank you for ing me on this project, it has been fun and I do plan on making a variety of these, trying out different handle lengths and plaiting styles. I plan on attempting to make this. Don't Miss Knot games Colors of paracord- which to buy?

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You can make one using this tutorial. I am a defense science graduate. I like to create beautiful things out of paracord. John fowler January 21, at pm. Lynn August 27, at pm. Zara August 29, at am.

How to make a flogging whip

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