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Are you using Kik Messenger, the wildly popular chat app with oodles of features? Have you taken time to explore all of its fun messaging tools? Have you ed a Kik Group or hosted a Kik Party? You might want to share your Kik Messenger username outside of the app for a variety of social activities. Kik Messenger Popularity Since its introduction in late , Kik Messenger has exploded in popularity. As of early , more than million people have downloaded the totally free-to-use app to Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, and other mobile devices.

Kik Messenger is also widely used on PC and Mac home computers. Kik Messenger has developed alongside other apps to become a key part of social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more. You can find hundreds of KikParties and KikGroups all over the Web where people connect according to age, location, social interest, hobbies, or discussion topics.

Using Kik Messenger is always fun and never boring. Connect with your friends already using Kik Messenger with a convenient in-app discovery tool, or send invites to your friends using your Kik Code or username. Create memes right within the Kik Messenger app and share those with friends or post to your Facebook timeline.

Add a smiley to your text , or go to the Smiley Shop to purchase an out of the ordinary emoji to express yourself to a special friend. Challenge your friend to an in-chat game of tic-tac-toe with a game bot. The possibilities for interaction on Kik Messenger are nearly endless, and users love the app for that.

Or you can use it as your chat app on PC or Mac at home. When you register for an to use your new Kik Messenger app, you will be delighted at how quick and easy it is. All you provide is a chosen username, e-mail address, and birthday. Choose a display name, and you are ready to go. You can quickly find friends already using Kik Messenger with the built-in Address Book Matching tool.

Send your Kik display name or Kik Code to other friends in an e-mail. Before you know it, your contact list will be overflowing with all sorts of fun and interesting people. Your Kik Username Before you know it, you will have times when you want to share your Kik username with someone. Maybe you are sending an to all of your friends to invite them to Kik Messenger and then connect with you there. Or, you could be a KikPal wanting to share your username so other KikPals can chat with you. For all of these fun interactions, you have to provide your Kik username.

This is not the name that appears on the screen when you chat but the unique username that you chose for yourself when you first created your on Kik Messenger. It is really easy to find your username on Kik Messenger. From your main chat , click the tool daisy in the top corner of the screen to open the Settings From Settings, choose Your . The very first item on the Your is your Kik Username. Username vs. It is important to understand the difference between the two.

Your display name is what people see when they chat with you. It can be changed as often as you like. You can be as creative with it as you want to be, but remember that everyone you kik will see it on all messages you have already sent or will send. To change your display name on Kik Messenger: From your main chat , click the tool daisy in the top corner of the screen to open the Settings From Settings , choose Your . The third item on the Your is your Name. Select your Name by clicking on the actual name, not the label for it.

Change your display name by entering a first and last name. The first name field is required but accepts only one word. If you want a display name with more than two words, put all but the first word in the last name field. As easy as it is to change your Kik Messenger display name, there is no way to change your username. This is because your username is the data field Kik Messenger uses to link your with those of your friends.

Not only is your username permanent, it is exclusive. You are the only one with that username. When you share it, you open yourself up to receiving a kik from anyone who sees it. You should only share your Kik username with people you want to interact with through your Kik Messenger . Safe Sharing While you should be aware that sharing your username opens you up to receiving kiks from anyone who sees it, you should also know the tools at your disposal when it comes to privacy on Kik Messenger.

Many drop their kik into a party or group invite. They do this with total abandon because they know how well Kik Messenger protects their privacy. Privacy Protection With Kik Messenger, there is no link to a phone or address in your Kik or profile. When someone you do not know sees your kik dropped into their party invite, they can send you a personal kik to welcome you to them and their friends, but all they will see is your username where you dropped it for the invite and your display name when chatting.

Nothing else is available to them. Your name, location, age, gender, and phone are all protected when you use Kik Messenger. Blocking When you share your Kik Code, drop a kik into a party post, or give out your Kik username any other way, there is always a chance that someone will kik some unwanted attention your way. Maybe you already have a boyfriend. Or maybe the two of you have nothing in common. They keep sending texts that you do not want to receive.

Kik Messenger protects your privacy by allowing you to block users from contacting you. If you take this step, the other person will not know it. There is no way in Kik Messenger to see if a user has blocked you. It looks like the message goes through but is left unread.

To block a username : From the main screen, press on the username you want to block for 1 second. A menu appears; select Chat Info. On the next screen, select the dots icon in the top corner. A menu appears; select Block name. A confirmation screen appears; select Block. To unblock a user : From the main screen, open Setting s by clicking the little tool daisy in the top corner. Choose Chat Settings. Choose Block List. Select the user you want to unblock. Choose Unblock. Drop Your Kik Your Kik Messenger username is your means of connecting with new friends for Kik chat, parties, and groups.

Just remember that your username is different than your display name and will never change. Now, go out, drop some kiks and have some fun! About Us. Privacy Policy. Copyright , All Rights Reserved.

Kik forgot username

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