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Discussion in ' Masturbation ' started by simonsays , Oct 26, Hip Forums. Self Suck? Well, today when I got home from school, I was really horny. I got right to work because I was home alone for an hour. I got naked and watched some porn before anything.

But this was my best time masturbating ever. I was laying on the ground, stroking my cock and I bent over and licked my dick. I've done it before, but for the first time, I flipped myself over so my legs were over me and my cock and balls were dangelling infront of my face. I could get a lot more of my dick in my mouth than I ever could, so I sucked it.

It was great because who knows what I like better than me? I sucked until right before I came because I'd never really want to eat my own jizz. So I shot my load all on my face. The whole self sucking went so well with the hot cum on my nose and cheeks.

Anyone else every try this? If not, you should. Yes, but I was mostly jacking because I can't reach that far on my dick. The Lone Wolf , Oct 26, You lucky little git! I wish I could. It is a one dream of mine haha! And yeah, I do actually dream about it sometimes :d But well, have fun doing it and I wish you all the best in your sucking adventures! I used to be able to lick the tip, but since a recent growth spurt I am now like, an inch or two from it!!

I've never tried, although i might the next time i'm home alone. I remember when I was about 12 years old I could just about lick my dick, although I hadn't started masturabting at that age so did nothing with it. Just enjoyed licking the end. I've tried in recent years but can't even get close! If I could, I would! I have only been able to stretch my foreskin enough to lick it, it felt really good doing it. I guess I will settle for another cock in there instead. I have attempted! And i have accomplished! And shit i never knew accomplishment felt so good Cheetah Dude , Aug 3, My favorite trick though is to lie on my back, flip my legs over my head so that my cock is above my mouth - then I stick a vibrator up my ass and tease my prostrate.

Guess I'm lucky. I have friends who suck my cock for me and of course I return the favor. Shale , Aug 3, Only possible for me if I have an empty stomach so I can bring my legs way over my head. I have never been able to bend down low to suck; I'm still mighty flexible for 48 yet that one trick has proven just too elusive.

But I'm happy! I thought i was the only who used to do this.. I tried it for the first time when i was 14 and my back was neaver the same. I persisted and got more flexible until the point i could stick an inch or 2 in. Used to love sucking it but drew the line to cumming in my mouth. I've tried it - hurts back; cum tastes bad. Last edited: Aug 2, If I could suck myself off, I'd never leave home. Show Ignored Content. Share This Tweet. Your name or address: Do you already have an ?

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