What is a cum

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Top definition. The shit that comes outta yo dick when u horny. Jul 15 Word of the Day. Planetary Quarantine. The safeguarding of Earth and other worlds from biological cross-contamination i. Forward contamination is the transfer of viable organisms from Earth to another celestial body.

Back contamination is the transfer of extraterrestrial organisms, if such exist, back to the Earth's biosphere. Billionaires are having a dick swinging space race while the earth experiences record breaking heatwaves that cause sea creatures to literally cook inside their shells. We need planetary quarantine. There's white stuff coming out of my peen! The fluid containing sperm ejaculated from a man when he has an erection. Sarah was sitting on the chair, in only a red thong.

She had her legs spread wide over the chair , and her brown hair flowed over her bare boobs. I was getting excited, Sarah was so hot. She ripped off the thong as she stood up, walked right past me and shut the door I had just passed through. She turned to face me, her feet strongly planted, and forced her hand down my pants. I unblocked my belt, and she tore my pants down to my ankles. She fell to her knees and removed my boxers. I could feel it, my dick was already starting to swell up. God, Sarah was hot.

She started on the tip of my dick. She swirled her tongue around it a little. She almost immediately started to massage my balls vigorously. She then took on my whole dick , deep throating it. I could feel it, I was gonna cum. My balls were urging for it to come out. I moaned, it felt so good. I grunted a little as it started, and I cummed inside of her mouth. She pulled away, and swallowed, then smiled.

My shirt was torn off and she was rubbing my dick with her hands. Then, she was on her hands and knees. I rubbed my dick, and slipped on the condom from the bowl. My dick was throbbing and I was excited. I slowly slid into her pussy and she squeaked quietly. I began to thrust myself. Faster and faster, I wasn't controlling myself. Why are you searching up cum on here you know what it is. A salty liquid usually put in tea to add flavour or texture. Delicious juice from a mans penis. Jayla was sitting across from me with her legs wide open.

I stared at her pussy for 5 minutes. She notices me so i looked away. She gets up and starts to take off her clothes. I get up and help her. Butt naked, she takes me to the bedroom. She takes off my clothes and pushes me onto the bed. Jayla: Your mine tonight daddy. Me: Get on here. She gets on the bed and get on her hands and knees. I slowly insert my large erected penis into her ass. Her: Deeper! I go faster, in and out. I flip her around, spread her legs as far as i can. Me: hold on i need a condom. Her: No! Sex is better without one. Me: Ok. I stick it deep inside of her.

In and out as fast as i can. Me: Im gonna cum! Her: If you dont pull out i will give you a gift. Before she could finish i was already cumming inside her. I cummed for 2 minutes straight! She moaned louder and louder. Then, finally, she got on top of me and started to ride me like a horse.

She got the whole thing inside of her. She got off and gave me a blowjob. Unexpectingly i started to cum lo into her mouth. She stopped and swallowed all of it. She then licked the rest off my rock hard penis. She began to stroke it and i cummed all over her. She then deep throated my hard on penis till it wasnt visible. I then began to stick my dick into her pussy. Her: Im going to cum!!! Me: Go ahead baby, let it all out. She moaned while it all came out.

I pulled out and there was cum all over it. A white fluid that is ejeculated from a penis during intercourse. The release of this fluid is extremely pleasing for men. Also known as semen. Bro last night was amazin. She gave me a blowjob and made me cum all over her face. Jul 15 trending 1. Watermelon Sugar 2. Ghetto Spread 3. Girls who eat carrots 4. Durk 6. Momala 7. Dog shot 9. Eee-o eleven UrbDic Rush B Cyka Blyat Pimp Nails Backpedaling Anol Wetter than an otter's pocket TSIF

What is a cum

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